About us

Healing souls rescue became an official non profit organization in January of 2021. However, the concept of the organization started years before in 2016. That is when our founder Olivia, rescued her very first farm animal (a pig, whomed she named Indie) from being slaughtered when she was only 14 years old. She named her Indie – short for independence, because the rescue took place during the July 4th holiday. Everyone told her it wasn’t possible because she had no prior experience or financial resources, but this didn’t stop her. She was determined to find a way and had trust that the universe was on her side. She created a GoFundMe page and an instagram account where she actively began sharing her goal and mission. Surprisingly, in just a couple of days, people around the world began noticing and were donating to her cause. Before she knew it she had reached her goal which allowed her rescue and transport Indie to a local animal sanctuary where she could the live out the remaining years of her life in peace. From there on, Olivia knew she had found her souls purpose.